Friday, March 20, 2009

Why I Hate Christianity And Religion In General

I guess I should start off my blog with something controversial. Something that matters.

"What's wrong with religion? Why are you so hostile?"

It seems that a lot of people I know would not classify themselves as "religious." They don't believe in a God. They don't believe in heaven, hell, or purgatory. They don't go to church and they certainly don't live their lives according to a thousand-year-old book. And while they don't believe in any of these things, they have no problem with those people that do. Live and let live, right?


The mass-delusion of a God has been a serious detriment to humanity. Religion is perhaps the most effective and long-term inhibition of a species that desperately needs to progress in order to save itself. We are in more danger of destroying our planet than ever before. We cannot afford to live by the superstitions of the past anymore. Global climate change is very dire threat to our planet. Unnecessary wars frequently occur with devastating results. The rich continue to oppress in their disgustingly lavish situations while millions fall to the ground in starvation, never to rise again. The world is in a bad way.

"But this is not all religion's fault."

I agree. While it has certainly started many tragedies, religion is not always the culprit. But what it has done is justified these atrocities. Climate change? "We don't have to protect the environment, the Second Coming [of Christ] is at hand." (James Watt)Why worry about the polar ice caps melting when Jesus will save us all? Well, what about wars? It is a commonly known fact that religion has started and justified numerous wars. In fact, many religions even encourage its followers to commit horrible acts against non-believers and sinners. 9/11 was not the first religion-inspired tragedy, nor will it be the last. And as far as wealth goes? Well, why do you think that early slave owners in the South forced their slaves to attend church on a regular basis? Because they knew religion sedated them. Religion teaches you to accept your circumstances, no matter how bad they are. Instead of trying to improve life for you and your children, put your faith in God. He will make everything right in due time. Religion pacifies the ignorant and uneducated, and people in power know this.
This is why I am a serious opponent to Christianity, Islam, and any other religion that fosters hatred, blind worship, and praise of ignorance. Until humanity can shed its ridiculous superstitions and fear of the unknown, we will never truly progress. And we have never needed to progress like we do now. If religion continues to infect people's minds and destroy their sense of logic and reason, then the world's situation will only get worse.

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